Interview with Kaycee Witherspoon


Today I’m interviewing Kaycee Witherspoon, the heroine from Rising from the Ashes (Flame Kissed book 1).

Kaycee, thank you for joining us today. I understand that you just recently moved.

Kaycee: Yes.  I left my life behind in my old town and decided a fresh start was in order. I think everyone should do that at least once in their life.

And this new life includes a job at the fire station, is that correct?

Kaycee: Yes, it is! I love my job there. The guys all welcomed me my first day and made me feel right at home. Everyone has been really great.

There’s a certain fireman who caught you though, didn’t he?

Kaycee: Definitely. Zarek is everything I’ve ever wanted in a guy, and I’m lucky that seems interested in me too. The moment our gazes met, I knew that he was special, and not just because it’s his job to be a hero every day. Although, that part is pretty amazing too.

How did the two of you become so close so fast?

Kaycee: Well, my first day of work, I went out to the parking lot and discovered my tires were slashed. Zarek was there and he was really concerned. One thing led to another, and we ended up dating.

So, what can we expect from Rising from the Ashes?

Kaycee: Suspense. Romance. A little action.

Thank you for stopping by Kaycee! We look forward to learning more about you in your story, Rising from the Ashes.


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