Guest Post: The Sixth Event by Kristen Morie-Osisek

Eighteen-year-old Raquel isn’t eighteen anymore…


During Raquel’s first semester of college, she witnesses the end of the world, only to wake up in her old room at her parents’ house two years in the past. Even worse, it seems she’s the only one who remembers—until Chris Lyley, a boy Raquel always thought was a loser, tells her he remembers the catastrophe.

Before long, they both discover new abilities. They’re able to understand any language and teleport through time and space.  If Raquel and Chris can figure out what caused the end of their world, maybe they can stop it.

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Character interview with Chris Lyley:

Hello! Chris Lyley here. I guess I’m supposed to answer questions, huh?

Are you happy with the genre your writer has placed you in? Tell us about your book!

Well, first of all, Of course I’m happy with the genre. Science fiction’s my favorite! And time travel? Who wouldn’t want to check out prehistory? And see dinosaurs? Well, I guess all the fish dying was kinda boring, but being given superpowers is always a plus in my book!

If Raquel were here she’d likely roll her eyes at me for that pun.

But hey, a thriller story about time travel sounds good to me!

Would you be interested in a sequel, if your writer was so inclined?

Hell yes! I mean, I don’t think there will be one, but it’d be cool to have a normal life without all the world ending stuff. I want that first date!

What is something no one knows about you?  Why do you keep it a secret?  And what would happen if everyone found out about it?

Well, I guess it was the fact that my dad had died before the apocalypse. I didn’t tell anyone that he had died, except Raquel, and even that took a while. I mean, I didn’t want to depress anyone else, you know? Andres had his mom to look after, Susan had her…I don’t know, voices and crazy pills, and Monique, Xiao Ming and Theo all seemed so well adjusted. I just kept it to myself. I know they’d understand and want to help—Raquel certainly did—but I don’t like focusing on the sad stuff, and there was plenty of that to go around. Besides, I wanted to save him.

What is your vivid memory of your mother and father?

Hmmm…I wish I remembered my mother. Like I said, she died young, and I don’t really remember her. My dad, though—we’ve always been close. I like to remember him helping me pick out school supplies way back in freshman year of high school. That was a good time, long before all this world-ending stuff.

Do you believe in ghosts/evil spirits/mysticism? Would you spend the night in a remote haunted house?

I sure do now! I was always a believer, you know—aliens and stuff. With everything that happened, how could I not be? I mean, I guess it wasn’t aliens, but we saved the world. That has to count for something! Ghosts might just be old memories given form.

What is your most favorite memory?

Probably seeing dinosaurs. Or, you know, my first kiss with Raquel 250 million years in the past, surrounded by all sorts of things that are now extinct. Hard to beat that!

What’s your favorite animal?

Whatever that little dino-bird thing was back when I saw dinosaurs. I’ve never seen it before, but it was adorable. I hope its descendants evolved into something cool…maybe some kind of bird.

What is your greatest fear?

Funnily enough, even after all the world-ending stuff, I’m not really afraid of any one thing. I want to survive, though, and I don’t want to disappoint my dad. My mom died when I was young, and he needs me around. For me, right now, that’s the biggest thing.  I also want to stay with Raquel, but we’ll have to see how that first date goes.


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