Guest Post: Heart’s Desire by Jessie Colter

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One touch. One look from Morgan’s hypnotic eyes and Skye can’t deny the magnetic pull.

High school senior, Morgan Raines was used to change, whether it was transferring to a new school or shifting into a were-jaguar under the full moon. Starting over didn’t bother him, but finding his mate pinned to her locker by her loser ex-boyfriend does.

Will turning furry during the full moon send her running scared or into his arms?



Skye had trouble concentrating in class.  She kept stealing glances at the boy next to her.  He’d rescued her from Chris but never mentioned his name. Mr. Carnes had introduced him to the class as Morgan Raines, a transfer student.  The name suited him. It was as untamed as the guy himself.

Watching him made her palms sweat, made her heart race, and made her hot all over.  When they’d touched, it had been electrifying.  His scent was musky and hung in the air around her, luring her in, making her want to lean closer.  She licked her lips, wondering what it would be like to kiss him.

Skye took a deep breath and forced her eyes to the front of the classroom.  She vaguely heard Mr. Carnes give out an assignment, but her thoughts were focused on the guy sitting next to her.  She couldn’t think of him as a boy, he was so much more.  Even though he was built like a man, there was a gentle aura to him.  While Chris used his size to intimidate and bully, Morgan seemed quiet and laid back.

After writing down the assignment written on the board, Skye opened her textbook and tried to focus.  Normally she loved to read, but today she would have preferred a writing assignment.  She could have written about being rescued by the heroic Morgan, possibly have turned it into a love story.  She blushed at the thought.

Skye glanced at Morgan and caught him staring at her, a knowing grin on his face.  She gulped and forced her attention back on her book.

Before long, the bell rang.  Skye gathered her things and beat a hasty retreat into the hall.  She barely cleared the door before a hand grabbed her arm.  She didn’t have to look to see who the hand belonged to; the lightning skittering across her skin was answer enough.

“What class do you have next?” she forced herself to ask in a calm voice.

“AP Physics,” Morgan replied.

Skye was surprised.  He wasn’t only cute, but he was smart, too.

“What about you?” he asked.

Skye shrugged.  “I have U.S. History.”

“That’s too bad. I had hoped we would be in the same class again,” he said softly, watching her as they walked.

Skye looked up into his warm, dark eyes.  “Why?”

Morgan fought a grin.  “Maybe I enjoy your company.”

“But you don’t even know me,” Skye argued, not quite sure why she was trying to push away the hottest guy in school.

“Oh, I think I know you,” he murmured as he looked into her eyes.

Skye came to a stop outside her next class, unsure of what to think.  Morgan acted as if they’d known one another for years instead of just meeting that morning.

Before she could say anything, he reached out and took her hand.  Pulling her close, he bent his head to hers.  His lips gently brushed against hers, igniting a fire in both of them, before quickly pulling away.

Flashing her a heart-stopping grin that she felt all the way to her toes, he released her hand and walked toward his class, whistling a tune she didn’t recognize.




What people are saying about Heart’s Desire…

“There was action, drama, and of course love… This was a really cute love story that I think young fans will like and can relate to.” –Claudia, Manic Readers

“The characters of Skye and Morgan were easy to understand, and relate to. Jessie Colter tells their story in third person, but lets the primary point-of-view alternate between the two main characters.” –Read My Mind

“From the get go, Colter’s ability to write a blazing, sexy scene and create sexual tension catches you and keeps you flipping the pages.” –Mayhem, Lace and Moonlight


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