What did Charity do before writing?

Jess 2008 (3)

That’s me, circa 2008 (before all the candy bars of my youth caught up to me LOL), at my last full-time job before I quit to make writing my career. I worked for a local college, first as their Administrative Assistant to several academic departments (at one point, I had to assist ALL of the department chairs), and later as the Accreditation and Compliance Coordinator for the Department of Education. That college has since run out of funding and closed. It didn’t happen while I was there, but not long after I left.

I enjoyed working in an office and getting to be around other people, even liked the exercise of running up and down the stairs about twenty times a day to deliver files and documents to the Registrar’s Office or to Academic Affairs. I think I actually liked those times most because it gave me a reprieve from my office and sitting in the same spot for hours on end. It was nice to stretch  my legs and get to talk to people for a few minutes. Aside from those brief trips, I didn’t get a chance to talk to anyone unless they needed something or I did. Otherwise, my job was rather solitary, much like writing. Except now, I can blast music or watch movies while I work and no one can complain. 🙂

So, let’s see… what have I done besides write? I’ve been an office manager (for a counseling center), administrative assistant (for an engineering firm, a karate dojo, a collections agency, and two colleges),  a part-time stable assistant (this was while working for the karate dojo – in exchange for free boarding for my horse), library associate which later changed to library manager (rather brief as it just wasn’t a good job fit), and an accreditation and compliance coordinator. There was also a very brief stint in furniture sales when I lived in California, but I completely sucked at it. I seemed to fit into the Higher Ed community the best and enjoyed it 2nd best. I’d have to say the most interesting job I had was working for the counseling center. I’m not even sure if it still exists, but when I was there, it was just the counselor and myself with an occasional intern. We had a lot of fun between appointments, ordering Chinese or going shopping for office furniture. I miss that job, but it wouldn’t be the same unless that same counselor was there.

If you work, have you had a favorite job? One you absolutely hated? And if you don’t work, what’s your dream job?


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