Into the Writing Cave…


I love my job, more than any job I’ve had before (and there have been a lot of them). It’s versatile in that I can work anywhere (my couch, my bedroom, an office, outside) and I can work whenever I want. It’s that last part that is so important. I don’t know about you, but I find that during the day, even if no one is home, there are still too many distractions. My computer notifies me of every incoming email, every Facebook notification, and they seem to be constant all morning. It’s impossible to get anything done. And in the afternoons, the kids are home from school and need help with homework, then it’s time to start dinner, then I have to get my husband to work and come home to get the kids showered and settled for the night. It’s never ending all day. So really, the only time I’m able to write is at night, after everyone is asleep. I guess that would explain why you can usually find me pounding away at the keyboard at 3am most mornings. It’s quiet and while I’m exhausted the next day and usually end up taking a nap, I tend to get a lot done because everyone I know is asleep.

My writing cave lately has been my husband’s recliner (on the nights he’s at work). When he’s home, I sit on the couch and write so I can spend time with him and still get something done. I’m more comfortable writing in the recliner, because I like to put my feet up (who doesn’t?), but there’s only enough room in our tiny living room for one and my husband has claimed it. We used to have a much bigger house (our living room was the size of our living room and dining room combined in the new house) and we had his and hers recliners. One of these days I’ll have my own chair again 🙂 until then, I’ll steal his when he isn’t around.

Do you have a particular time of day when you can get more words on the page or when you’re feeling more inspired? Is there a place you prefer to sit while you work?


About charitywest

Hopeless romantic, book-a-holic, and animal lover. Young Adult/New Adult romance author. "The Boyfriend Deal" is now available from Evernight Teen!
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