Well, as I’ve posted previously, I was taking part in CampNaNoWriMo this month. The good news is that it kept me on track and I was able to complete a story well before the end of the month. The bad news is that I fell a few thousand short of the goal I had set for myself. So there will be no winner’s badge for me this year. That’s okay though. The important thing is that the story is finished.

So what happens now? I do a lot of self-editing along the way (usually reviewing the previous chapter before starting the next – filling in holes, correcting mistakes, etc). That doesn’t mean I typed “the end” and I’m going to hit submit, not by any means. I re-read my story to make sure I had it the way I wanted it, and then I sent it to a proofreader to catch the boo-boos I missed, and to make sure the story makes sense. If there are plot holes that I missed, I want to know before I send it anywhere. When I get the file back, I’ll review the suggested changes, tweak the document again, and then do one more read through.

I’ve already written a 3 1/2 page synopsis, a pitch (which may not be necessary depending on where I send it), and a query letter. So once my story is polished and ready to go, I’ll decide which publisher seems to fit the story the best. And then it’s a waiting game to see if I receive an acceptance or a rejection. Waiting is the hardest part. If it’s a rejection, then I’ll have a back-up publisher selected and I’ll go through the submission process again. Just because the story isn’t right for one place, doesn’t mean someone else won’t fall in love with it.


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Hopeless romantic, book-a-holic, and animal lover. Young Adult/New Adult romance author. "The Boyfriend Deal" is now available from Evernight Teen!
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