My Writing Nook

Every writer is different when it comes to their work area. Some have big fancy offices, while others may work out of their bedroom or from their favorite chair in the living room. It’s my dream to one day have a home big enough that I can have a pretty office, with walls lined in bookshelves. I used to have one of those, but circumstances change. I actually write more now than I did when I had an actual office.

So where do I write?

I write in this spot right here (with my laptop in my lap)…

writing nook

And typically I have a cat attached to me in some way, shape, or form, much like this…

cat in shirt

Most of the time, I’ll have a mocha frappe from McDonald’s within reach, or I’ll have regular coffee in one of my owl mugs (I have several because I adore owls)…

owl mug

I do most of my writing at night (or in the wee hours of the morning) while everyone else is asleep. I’ve tried writing during the day, but there are too many distractions. All right, there’s ONE distraction – Facebook! I’ve found if I’m on the computer during the day when all of my friends are active on Facebook, then I end up talking to them instead of writing. So I schedule my writing time for late nights and early mornings when most sane people are in bed. Although, I’ve been known to write after dinner while the kids are bathing and getting their stuff ready for school the next day. It just depends on how obsessed I am with whatever I’m currently working on.

So…that’s where I work. And yes, before you ask, that is a Disney princess sticker on my laptop. I love Disney probably more than my kids do, and have been known to watch Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, or Little Mermaid when no one else is home because those are my favorites of the princess movies. Although, some of the newer ones like Frozen and Brave are pretty awesome too.


About charitywest

Hopeless romantic, book-a-holic, and animal lover. Young Adult/New Adult romance author. "The Boyfriend Deal" is now available from Evernight Teen!
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