10 Random Facts…

  1. I prefer iced coffee or frappes to hot coffee. The coldness wakes me up just as much as the caffeine does.
  2. I was nearly homeless two years ago, but two days before I had to be out of my house, a rental came through. It was the second most terrifying moment of my life.
  3. The  number one terrifying moment of my life was the day my son didn’t come home from school. He got off the bus and decided to go to a friend’s house without telling me, and I frantically searched for him for almost an hour and had just called the police when he came trotting down the street without  a care in the world.
  4. I’ve owned at least one horse since the age of three, until recently. Writing takes up so much of my time, I don’t have the time to go to the barn anymore. Not to mention, horses are not cheap.
  5. I named one of my older cats after the black cat in Hocus Pocus, which happens to be my favorite Halloween movie.
  6. My favorite food is Mexican. Doesn’t matter if it’s fast food or an authentic Mexican restaurant. I love it all. (but El Toro is WAY better than Taco Bell)
  7. My husband asked me to marry him on our first date…and I said yes.
  8. My parents divorced when I was little and my mother moved us every few years – everywhere from New Orleans to L.A.
  9. I’ve published roughly 90 books under various pen names since 2008 (not all still available) and have won two Reader’s Choice awards.
  10. I have a large collection of Breyer horses that I keep in a glass cabinet. The first one was purchased when I was nine years old. I only have a handful that I owned as a child, mostly because I played with them and their legs tended to break. My husband has purchased most of them for me, even some of the harder to find older models.


Charity West Author


About charitywest

Hopeless romantic, book-a-holic, and animal lover. Young Adult/New Adult romance author. "The Boyfriend Deal" is now available from Evernight Teen!
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